I'm a designer, illustrator, compositor & animation director based in Cape Town, South Africa. My commercial work is a combination of live action, illustration and mixed media, where the ideas and workflow usually starts on paper before they develop into a desired animation direction.

I have a passion for drawing and illustration and my personal artwork consists of surreal, dreamlike landscapes which mirror my abstract thought process.

I obtained a degree in visual communication in 2004 and started working at Masters & Savant Worldwide where I've gained a significant amount of motion design experience and developed my skills as an animation director. I've designed and directed numerous promos, channel branding elements and TV commercials. I moved to Cape Town as Masters & Savant's Creative Director to open the Cape Town branch in 2007. Thereafter I joined forces with Am I Collective to head up their animation side, before finally going freelance in 2012. 

Please make contact at hello.christiaan@gmail.com
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